Hi there I’m Jun D. Reyes. I am an aspiring writer and blogger. I mostly work on writing fiction stories set in a world called Aeradoth, a high-fantasy land full of turmoil, heroism, and more. I also blog about other items that catch my interest. I love to dabble and seek out new knowledge and write about my own experiences with them, but what got me started to make a site is my love of writing fiction stories.

Creating stories based my imagination and knowing people out there are enjoying it is a dream come true for me. While you’re here I would like to say Hello, and Thank You for visiting my humble blog.

Stay around, browse my content, and if you like what you see you can follow me on Twitter @Neoificent.

Be sure to check out my projects page to see what I’m working on, or have planned! If you liked what you see, please share with your friends, family, and other like-minded individuals.

Most importantly, I hope you have a good day. No matter what’s going on, sometimes a quick stop, a break in the craziness called life, is what you need to keep going strong. If you can get that reprieve by reading my content, that makes everything worth it.


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