Important Update Concerning This Blog

Hey everyone it’s been some time since my last post here. A lot has happened in my life, much more drama and emotional turmoil then I care to admit. I’ve gotten into some new hobbies, overcame harsher trials, met and loss some great people in my life but that’s not what this post is about.

This post is about the direction of where I want to move forward with this site from now on. Originally, it was meant to be a site about my personal experiences and any nuggets of wisdom that I pick up on this crazy journey known as life, but I have been humbled in a sense.

The past few months have taught me that I am not fit to be a teacher or a sharer of wisdom just yet. At the very least not to the point of having a dedicated blog about it. I’m still a learner of life, much more learner than teacher than I originally thought, which disheartened me when I first realized and is a big reason on why this blog hasn’t been updated for so long.

I spent a long time deciding what I wanted to do moving forward and while the answer was always obvious, it took me a long time to come to terms with it, because I was lacking the confidence to pursue it.

I am rebranding this site (again) but instead of being about my personal experiences, it will be about original fiction stories. Sure, I could do something like a Wattpad or try to write a full length novel and attempt to get it published but having my own personal site for my fiction is something that really does motivate me. When I first separated my site between the fiction elements and the life experience parts, I really wanted to focus on the fiction parts yet I felt like it would be unreasonable to because I had very little faith in my writing skills concerning fiction stories.

I was the harshest critic regarding my own fiction writing because I always had those closest to me see my writing as nothing more than a pipe dream, but I’ve learned lately that instead on doing what I think is right, I want to do what feels right and keeps me mentally and emotionally stable as well.

So, over the next few day I will be slowly transitioning all the content (excluding this post) from this site to another site and moving all my fiction writing content to this site and then will change the name, etc etc.

I am looking forward to this change and I hope you all will stay along for the journey.

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