The Nightmare’s Ascent – Prologue

I’m just an average teen. At seventeen my biggest problems are school, the occasional bully, and finding a girlfriend. I like to play video games, hang out with friends, and complain about work. Completely normal except for once little detail. Every nightmare I have comes true.

For as long as I can remember every time I have a nightmare it would come true. Whether that be the next day, week, or even a year later. My nightmares for the most part have been relatively mundane. I’m not a violent person and I think that reflects in my dreams and nightmares. Often I dream of everyday problems. Failing a big test, getting rejected by a girl I like, or getting embarrassed in public.

I remember the first and last time I ever told anyone about my nightmares. I was four when I told my mom. I remember her soft smile and the warmth of her hug as she held me. I also remember the fear in her eyes. After I told her she said to me that everything would be okay. That I wasn’t strange at all. She said to never tell dad about my power, a promise I still hold to this day. Two days later she disappeared. We never found her.

Fast forward thirteen years later and I have a good life. Friends who I can hang out with. A loving father who tries his best to support me. I’m doing good in school too. Life isn’t perfect but it is good. Although I still worry about my nightmares. I never say anything about them to anyone, with one exception. My life was just fine. Until two days ago.

My nightmare two days ago is different from the usual. It wasn’t about everyday problems. It didn’t contain the anxieties and fears I normally have. Instead it was full of pain and suffering. I remember searing hot flames and the smell of blood. Groans of pain as my friends and family slowly bled out on the ground. Worst of all, the one responsible is my best friend. The one person in my life who knows about my nightmares.

My name is Rorik Zanderfell, known as Rez to my friends. I am a student, a gamer, and overall regular person with one special trait. All my life my nightmares have been with me. Showing me the future in a twisted way. And now I have been shown the worst possible future and I refuse to let it happen.

Hey everyone sorry this is a bit late! I was in D.C yesterday and couldn’t post this. I know it was quite short but I’m making steady progress on several written works that I hope to release soon!

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